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Full-Service Management

Let Smith Moore & Associates be the all-inclusive provider for all of your association’s needs. Our staff has the expertise to handle your complete operations, from answering your dedicated phone line to planning your conferences to building your budget. All of our departments are under one roof, making the transition to Smith Moore & Associates’ administration effortless and seamless.

Strategic Management

Smith Moore & Associates' account managers have over 50 years of combined association management experience. Working with one of our seasoned executives, you can be assured your association is in good hands. Our team will work in concert with your Board of Directors and members to implement a strategic plan that reaches the association’s goals and strives toward your optimal potential.

  • Implement goals of the organization
  • Identify and develop business opportunities
  • Pursue long-range financial stability and increased revenues
  • Conduct annual planning sessions
  • Implement adopted annual plans
  • Conduct membership surveys and environmental scans


The administrative services Smith Moore & Associates provided will put your mind at ease. Our team handles all the daily operations, so your Board of Directors can focus on the strategic vision and goals.

  • Board relations
  • Board meeting planning; agenda and materials development
  • Minute-taking
  • Committee support
  • Annual budget development
  • Bookkeeping
  • Generate and disseminate financial reports
  • Work with CPA to complete audits and tax filings
  • Dedicated phone lines
  • Ensure compliance with bylaws, policies and procedures
  • Develop any necessary operating documents

Smith Moore & Associates’ staff has a vested interest in ensuring that every conference is executed perfectly, going above and beyond the conference attendees’ expectations.

  • Conference program development
  • Conference registration and marketing materials
  • Conference speaker relations
  • Coordinate conference exhibitors and sponsors
  • On-site staffing
  • Manage awards and member recognition programs
  • Provide a feedback tool at all events to assist in future educational development
  • Oversee event budgets and financial results
  • Support existing contracted conference planner

Conferences &
Meeting Planning

Smith Moore & Associates will support your association in its legal and legislative decisions. We will work in concert with legislative advocates and committees to ensure that your association’s voice is heard.

  • Act as a liaison with membership to secure input on pending legislation
  • Launch grassroots efforts on pending bills and related regulations
  • Update website to reflect status of all legislation
  • Develop legislative information packets to California Senators and Assemblymembers
  • Position the organization as a resource for any legislative bills directly impacting the profession
  • Coordinate legislative action days in Sacramento and Washington, DC

Legislative Advocacy

Smith Moore & Associates provides a cutting-edge membership management program to help ensure that all your members’ needs are met. We also dedicate a phone line and staff e-mail addresses specifically to your association so your members feel comfortable and confident in our services. This allows our team to make sure that no member’s request or need goes unrecognized.

  • Oversee all membership functions
  • Develop and maintain personal relationships with members
  • Dues invoicing
  • Database maintenance
  • Respond to member inquiries
  • Recruitment activities
  • Manage listserves
  • Ensure maintenance of all programs and member services
  • Initiate and manage group benefit programs

Member Services

The Smith Moore & Associates team recognizes how important maintaining professional education and training is to your association’s membership. Our team will coordinate with your members and volunteer leaders to ensure that your members’ education needs are being met and to keep your certification program valid and up-to-date.

  • Coordinate and manage educational offerings/events
  • Program development
  • Certification tracking and renewals
  • Registration and marketing materials
  • Speaker relations
  • On-site staffing
  • Coordinate annual item reviews
  • Coordinate item-writing workshops as necessary
  • Provide a feedback tool at all events to assist in future educational development
  • Oversee budgets and financial results

Education & Certification

Good public relations and communication can be an association’s keys to success. Smith Moore & Associates will act as your association’s personal PR expert to ensure that your association's mission, programs, products, services and brand are presented positively and consistently in all media formats. We will also provide your association with internal communications so that your membership will always have the most recent information and news concerning your industry.

  • Develop content and update client websites
  • Develop news releases, press kits or other external communications
  • Develop external public relations program to increase awareness, image and brand
  • Outreach to governmental agencies
  • Oversee editorial content, writing, editing, ad sales and production of magazines and newsletters
  • Social media coaching and management


Let Smith Moore & Associates' seasoned bookkeeping staff handle your finances. Our accounting personnel have the experience and know-how to tackle any accounting situation while complying with GAAP and association-specific policies and procedures.

  • Reconcile monthly bank statements
  • Prepare and analyze budgets
  • Coordinate tax filings and audits with outside CPAs
  • Ensure financial data coordinates with membership directory
  • Prepare deposits and cash disbursements
  • Coordinate all bank and account transitions as necessary
  • Financial advising
  • Work with proper committees toward fulfilling the association's financial goals
  • Handle all other matters related to your association's financial well-being

Bookkeeping & Financial